Maflow Group History

Maflow Group history dates back to 1935 when „Manuli”, a company producing rubber hoses used for various fluids transfer, was established. Activities in the automotive sector started in 1983, when “Manuli” together with „Uniroyal” acquired European part of „Stratoflex” company – one of the largest air conditioning tubes producers. Then, in 1990, 33% of „Murray Europe” shares were acquired. „Murray Europe” was the main supplier of air conditioning tubes and power steering hoses for “Fiat Auto”. Eight years later, the additional 48,5% of company shares were purchased, which gave the total share of 81,5%, and finally in 1999 all remaining shares of „Murray Europe” were acquired.

In the 1990s, there was a rapid Group development through: further acquisitions of the companies involved with air conditioning tubes production, establishment of the new production plant in Santander (Spain) and transfer of the production in France to the new plant of 20.000 m2 surface area located in Chartres. The last decade of the previous century also brought the company’s expansion outside Europe – in 1998 the production plant in Curitiba (Brazil) was founded.   

In 2000, „Manuli Automotive” division producing tubes for car manufacturers emerged from the Group. What is more, the machines and equipment in Italian, „Ascoli Piceno” plant (rubber hoses production) were dedicated entirely to automotive business.

The start of activities in Poland dates back to 2000 when the Group Management decided to build the production plant in Katowice Special Economic Zone in Tychy. At first, the plant’s surface area was 3800 m2, one year later it was extended to 9500 m2 and to almost 12 000 m2 in 2003. In 2002, the decision was made to close the production plant in the Netherlands („Manuli Auto Holland” N.V.) and to move its production to the plant in Poland, where in 2003, it was decided to open the next production plant of the 12 000 m2 surface area, located in Chelmek. After three years, it was decided to build the second production plant in Chelmek for the production of rubber products (rubber hoses of various shapes), its surface area was around 5400 m2. The production in that third plant in Poland was based on materials delivered from Italy and was directed both to other companies of the Group and external entities.

In 2004, the Management of „Manuli Rubber Industries” made a decision to sell the automotive division to „Fundusz ILP”, owned by private and institutional investors. Two years later, „Manuli Automotive Group” changed its name to MAFLOW, which in February 2007 acquired „Codan” Group – the global producer of air conditioning tubes and rubber hoses.

Even in 2008, Maflow-Codan Group owned production plants in Europe (Italy, France, Spain, Poland, Great Britain) and in China, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Korea, Thailand, Malaysia. Although, the indebted Group could not face the new reality caused by the decrease of orders in automotive industry, which took place at the turn of 2008 and 2009 due to which many of Maflow plants went through bankruptcy or similar processes. In spring 2009, the court declared bankruptcy of Maflow Group.

On August 10th 2010, Boryszew S.A., listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, finalized the acquisition contract of Maflow Polska Sp. z o.o. in insolvency. At the same time, the Tychy Company, currently operating under the name of Boryszew S.A. Maflow Branch in Tychy, became a part of one of the largest industrial group in Poland.

Within the following months, Boryszew acquired the rest of Maflow Group Companies:

  1. Italian Company Maflow BRS was founded in September 2010 and on October 1st, it acquired the group of companies from Maflow S.p.A. and Man ServiziS.r.l. in Extraordinary Administration Procedures.

  2. Maflow plant located in Spain (near Santander) was acquired on October 8th 2010.

  3. Maflow Branch in Brazil was acquired on October 29th 2010 by Maflow BRS.

  4. Similarly to Brazil Branch also the company located in China was acquired on October 29th by Maflow BRS.

  5. Additionally, on December 6th 2010, Boryszew announced the acquisition of Maflow Branch in France.

  6. Company in India was founded in April 2011.

After the acquisition of all facilities by Roman Karkosik’s Group, Maflow gained new opportunities, which was the beginning of new customers and projects winning for all production plants around the world. Acting towards the continuous creation of the company positive image and projects’ quality and profitability improvement, we look after the intensive plants modernization and standardization on the Group level. One of the most important stages of modernization in recent times was the closure of Trezzano Sul Naviglio plant, which took place in January 2013 due to its low profitability.

Group’s development is also achieved by the implementation of recovery programs for the units in Brazil, France and China as well as group structure modification and searching for potentially new locations for the construction of new plants. Moreover, we are looking for another development directions based on the products within Boryszew Group. Currently, we are working on launching the production line and distribution network for Borygo products in Spanish plant.

In 2012, Maflow entered into cooperation with Polish Universities such as AGH University of Science and Technology in Cracow and University of Silesia in Katowice. We undertake innovative activities- as the first in the world, we are implementing the project of launching the automatic air conditioning tubes assembly line. This project is realized in Spanish plant within the framework of cooperation with Volkswagen.

Boryszew Joint Stock Company with its registered seat in Warsaw 
Maflow Branch in Tychy with its registered seat in Tychy

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District Court for the Capital City of Warsaw in Warsaw, 14th
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Share capital: 240 000 000,00 PLN
Paid-up capital: 240 000 000,00 PLN