Maflow is launching its new production plant in Mexico

Establishment of the production plant in Mexico has been one of the key points of Maflow Group development strategy. Both market analysis and clear requests from the main Customers consider Maflow’s presence in that region as necessary.

New facility will deliver air conditioning tubes for Audi project, Q5 platform.

Maflow is starting up the production and first deliveries to the Customer in the middle of 2016.

New facility is located in a modern Puerto Interior Industrial Park in Silao (Guanajuato state), which is 500 kilometers away from Audi Plant in San Jose Ciapa, Puebla. Maflow contracted a building developer, which will deliver a complete facility in June 2015. In the next months, Polish specialists from the Headquarters in Tychy together with the recently employed and trained Mexican team will start the industrialization process and automotive standards implementation.

New facility, with total 4000 m2 of shop floor space, will have machine capacity of 0,8 mln A/C tubes yearly in terms of assembly processes and 4 mln A/C tubes in terms of available surface. Additionally, the new location provides a greenfield space to extend the building, in case of such need in the future.

Taking into consideration the character of automotive market in Mexico and current customer requests, Maflow expects a stable growth and strong market position in the coming years. Noting that currently BMW, VAG, Renault, Volvo are Maflow Customers in Europe, China, India and Brazil, it is highly probable to be nominated for a new business.

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