Piotr Wiśniewski Ph. D., CEO of Maflow Group, wins TOP Manager Award

During this year's fifth MotoSolutions Forum, which was held on November 20-21 in Cracow, Polish Automotive Industry Awards were granted for the very first time by AutomotiveSuppliers.pl, analytic company and Forum's organizer as an honour for production companies.

The prizes were awarded in five categories:

-Master of Automotive Industry - honour to the companies, which through their activities and development significantly influence the whole automotive industry in Poland
-Polish Supplier - granted to the suppliers with polish capital, which, through their development, aspire to the role of key European and/or Worldwide components producer
-Employer - honour to the company, which dynamically increases the employment in Poland
-Top Manager - granted to the directors, who effectively manage medium and large organizations
-CSR - Corporate Social Responsibility

Top Manager Award has been granted to Piotr Wiśniewski Ph. D., CEO of Maflow Group. The prize was awarded i.a. for the successful reorganization of Maflow plants after their acquisition by Boryszew in 2010 as well as the creation of strong, constantly growing and profitable, global organization. The award was collected by Piotr Kiszel, Maflow Group Purchasing Director, on behalf of Piotr Wiśniewski who could not be present on the Forum.

Piotr Wiśniewski holds the position of Boryszew S.A. Maflow Branch in Tychy Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Maflow Group since 2011. He bears responsibility for creating the strategy of company development, maintaining relations with the customers and supervising operational activities of all Maflow companies.

Thanks to his development policy, Maflow has regained its strong position on the automotive market meeting the requirements of its customers. His leadership competency and skills in motivating employees to set goals achievement resulted in the creation of international team of experts effectively using their skills in everyday work.

Apart from developing the operational activity of the Group, realization of its strategy and maintaining the relations with customers and suppliers, Piotr Wiśniewski pays special attention to employees’ development simultaneous with organization’s development and to positive company image creation. One of the major activities in this regard involved the implementation of organizational culture, which was supposed to bring a stable development and pro-quality and customer-oriented actions perceiving organization’s profitability as a common aim.


Piotr Wiśniewski is the creator of i.a. Talent Management Program, which main assumptions are:

  • ensuring the optimal team for a given stage of organization’s development
  • decreasing the rotation of Maflow valuable employees
  • making employees aware of the possibilities offered by the organization and their impact on its future
  • ensuring a clear incentive and bonus system
  • promoting young talents in a wide range of activities in order to achieve the main strategic goals of Maflow Group
  • being perceived as a desirable employer

Piotr’s initiative was also to create the external and internal recruitment program (so called „from operator to director”), employee evaluation system and also “Maflow Academy” program – a series of trainings and workshops for managers within the scope of soft skills and personal development.

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