Maflow Group Quality Policy

Maflow Group’s mission is to be recognizable as a world class leader in rubber hoses supplies and comprehensive solutions for liquids and gases transportation for passenger and commercial vehicles, playing a relevant role towards the market, economic development and community welfare in order to create value for the shareholders, customer satisfaction and collaborators professional growth.

Maflow Group’s main goal is getting back the leader position on the European market and developing on emerging markets in the area of automotive systems to convey liquids and gases.

The following objectives are monitored and continuously improved in quality management system existing in Maflow Group:

  • Customer satisfaction

  • Financial satisfaction

  • Quality satisfaction

  • Personnel satisfaction

  • Supplier satisfaction

In order to achieve these objectives Maflow Group defines resources and indicates tasks regarding actions included in Company Strategy Plan and identifies improvement plans. Group activities directly aim at achieving the results established in strategy plans through all processes to the supply chain. 


Boryszew Joint Stock Company with its registered seat in Warsaw 
Maflow Branch in Tychy with its registered seat in Tychy

 Ul. Serdeczna 42, 43-100 Tychy               Email:   
 Tel: + 48 32 3256770           REGON: 750010992-00068

 NIP: 837-000-06-34

 Sick leave form NIP: 2060001725



District Court for the Capital City of Warsaw in Warsaw, 14th
Economic Division of the National Court Register

KRS number: 0000063824

Share capital: 240 000 000,00 PLN
Paid-up capital: 240 000 000,00 PLN